!! Information about the event !!


Event: 3 Round of the EFRA Grandpix 2019


Date: 31.05.2019-02.06.2019

Due to the high demand and the public holiday (Christi Ascension Day), the 30-mai training is possible on Thursday without additional costs.


Track: Our track is suitable for 1/10, 1/8 and 1/5 onroad RC Cars (electric and gas powered)


Surface: Asphalt top coating


Lap Distance: 210 Mtr


Track Width: 4 Mtr


Start Grid: 10 positions


Facilities: Drivers platform – Pitlane ‐ Paddock with 230VAC and monitor displaying–

Air Compressor – Race Control Room – Live Laptiming (Mylaps Speedhive) ‐ Clubhouse


Registration:  We use MyRCM for registration and live timing during our events.


Tires: Shepperd Micro Racing, as the official tire supplier of this event, will be available on all days.

Race Officials:

Race Director: Javier Garcia (EFRA)

Referee 1: Thomas Mayer (DMC)

Timekeeper: Hartmut Wenzel (Türkheim e.V.)

Technical Inspector: Hans Eschler & Beat Stadler (Switzerland)



EFRA GO 1/10 IC Track

EFRA GP 1/8 IC Track

EFRA GP 1/8 EP Pancars

EFRA GP 1/8 EP Modified


The EFRA rules indicates that eight (8) sets of tires are mandatory, these are already reserved for you; but if you need more games for training Free Practice

(please remember 30.May 2019 is free Practice Day), you MUST indicate it by writing the number of sets you want to reserve.

1/8th EP, it is not mandatory to get 8 sets of tires for the race. Register for the race and order the sets that you want for the whole race. 

For 1/8th EP PANCAR you can order the Tires MX8-eStock         Front tires: 32sh - 64mm       Rear tire: 35sh - 70mm

Please pay the entry fee at the track.


Tire set 1: 10 Euro 12, -

Set of tires 1: 8 Euro 20, -

Tire set 1: 8EP Euro 20, -

It would be desirable to pay the tires directly to Team Shepherd.


More information you can see on the tender:  

Direct link to Race registration:   https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/main?hId[1]=bkg&dId[E]=44128&pLa=de


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